We Need the Courage to Renounce the Capitalist System

For the last thirty years of his life W.E.B Du Bois attempted to think of ways to liberate Africans from racism ,colonialism and imperialism that went beyond capitalism. His book Black Reconstruction in America is in part a study of the counter revolution after the Civil War that pushed Black folk back towards slavery. This , he conlcuded , was done in the interest of the expansion of American capitalism, the consolidation of the new instrument of captialist growth , the joint stock corporation, and American imperialism. In other words, Black freedom was sacrificed upon the alter of capitalism and capitalist expansion. If that were so in the 1870 and 1880’s , it was true in the 1930’s. 40’s and so on. It remains true today. the problem as Du Bosi saw it was that the Black leadership class refused to share these truths with the masses of Black folk. It continued to tell Black Folk to have hope that in the not that distant future captialism would reform itself and Black folk would be freed. On these grounds Du Bois argued that Black leadership had abandoned genuine struggle and become consumed in universal selfishness. Most were bought off by big capitalist and bankers; most Black organizations were willing to go along with the capitalist worldview. Hence, most Black leaders and intellectuals attacked progressive, radical and revolutionary Black intellectuals as going against the best interest of the Black community. At the end of his life Du Bois joined the Communist Party of the US; this after spending ten weeks in the People’s Republic of China and meeting with the leaders of its Communist Party. Du Bois said he joined the Communist Party because he believed that capitalist was not the future , but the past and that Black folk would never be free and equal human beings under capitalism. We are now approaching the 50th anniversary of Du Bois’ joining the CP and rejecting the capitalist system as a failure and the foundation of Black oppression. His words ring more true today then when he uttered them. We must be courageous enough to learn from Du Bois. In so doing we must in the interest of the Immortal Child look to a future world free of the blood , stench and dirt of capitalism.

About Anthony Monteiro

I am a activist and scholar who is a professor in the Department of African American Studies at Temple University.
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