Towards The Black Family of a New Type: W.E.B Du Bois’ Family Values

One of W.E.B Du Bois’ major concerns was the creation of the African American family of a new type, one that drew upon our African past, yet resisted the lures of the white American family type. He suggested a family that was African, African American and modern. here is how he put it,
“Unless a new type of Negro family the burden of this duty (socializing a new generation of black intellectuals and activists), we are destined to be, as we are largely today , a bad -mannered, unclean crowd of ill-bred young men and women who are under the impression they are educated. For this task we have got to create a new family group; and a cultural group rather than a group merely biological. the biology and blood relationship of families is entirely subordinate and unimportant as compared with its cultural entity; with the presence of two persons who take upon themselves voluntarily the sacrificial preisthood of parents to children, limited in number and interval by intelligent and scientific birth-control, who can and will train in the elements of being civilized human beings: how to eat, how to sleep, how to wash, how to stand, how to walk, how to laugh, how to be reverent and how to obey.”
Du Bosi went on to say that it is not entirely our fault that we have forgotten the place and function of the family; however, in the interest of our progress as a race it was our duty to rediscover its traditions and to reinvent a Black family of a new type to face the challenges of the future.

About Anthony Monteiro

I am a activist and scholar who is a professor in the Department of African American Studies at Temple University.
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