America is Essentially a Lie

America is essentially a lie. Beginning with the lie of white supremacy and that this racist system is somehow a liberal democracy, a web of lies have been strung together to justify war, economic hardship, poverty, hunger, the vicious oppression of children and social injustice. White America’s existential being emerges from and materializes America as a lie. Without it they have no reason to be, or to exist as white people, rather than as human beings. As the lie becomes exposed America becomes more vulnerable to itself and its violent nature; and the inherent possibility of their committing reactionary suicide as a nation becomes more real. A crisis of white being, of whiteness as a soial and cultural identity,has overtaken the nation, driving most white people to the edge of insanity. Black folk caught in the dilemma of double consciousness are trapped between faith in a dreamworld that has vicitimized them and struggling to create a new type of Black man and woman; a new African forged from resistance, art and love. The choices for Black folk are simple, either struggle to be free or die the death of a people afraid to stand up for themselves and their children’s children. For white folk their only alternative is social death as white folk, to be reborn as human beings.
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About Anthony Monteiro

I am a activist and scholar who is a professor in the Department of African American Studies at Temple University.
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