A Crisis That Cries Out For Revolutionary Alternatives to The Existing Situation

Evidence continues to accumulate that the European and American economic and political order are close to collapse. Polls show that national leaders are increasingly rejected by their people. In the US 80% of the people say the nation is going in the wrong direction. Only 18% believe Congress is doing an adequate job, and a mere 25% approve of Obama’s performance on the economy. Rising discontent follows the rise of unemployment and the collpase of the economy. The dismal display of bourgeois politicians clawing and scratching for political advantage with no regard for the conditions of the people, angers people and turns them off to the political game. What is needed is organization and political clarity. The two go together. For instance a PEW poll taken this past summer showed that most African Americans expressed optimism about the future of the country. Most other people polled were pessimistic about the future. This while Black are worse off and hit hardest by unemployment and mortgage foreclosures than any other group. The principle explanation of this is the “Obama effect” . The hope that the first Black president does well. The belief that Obama is one of us and on our side is a major defect in Black consciousness and an obstacle to organization and militant struggle. This situation cries out for a new type of leadership in the African American community, something along the lines of what Du Bois called a guiding one hundred. This vanguard of the people must rise to clarify the nature of the struggle, the dimensions of the crisis and propose ways out. This vanguard must come from the day to day life of Blak folk, it must be courageous, politically and intellectually honest and trained in fields as diverse as political economy, political science, psychology, anthropology, social work, education, law and international relations. But most of all it must see radical and fundamental social change as necessary and as a science; and therefore must study revolutionary experiences from throughout the world. This vanguard must take on the question of how to move from a capitalist economy in crisis to socialism and must be honest enough to say to Black folk that capitalism as a system is done and a new model of economic life has to be developed. But it must fight for a new peoples culture of resistance and struggle in opposition to the corporate invented pop culture of selfishness, individualism, celebrity worship,violence and non resistance. Culture is a necessary part of struggle and bringing political education and clarity to the people.

About Anthony Monteiro

I am a activist and scholar who is a professor in the Department of African American Studies at Temple University.
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