The social and class catastrophe at least 150 million US people face will in no way be affected by the 2016 Presidential elections. Wall Street has already taken over the White House (this occurred as early as the Clinton Presidency and perhaps earlier), the Congress and the Supreme Court. Some believe  the people desserve what they get and that the worse it gets for them the better things will be because it will force them to struggle against their conditions. There is an element of truth to this. When people realize that their alleged leaders and their government are in fact their oppressors and even the enemies of their well being , are frauds and perpetrators of frauds, at that point they realize that if they are to escape the catastrophe of their daily living it is they who must act. At the point of this realization, social, political and ideological passivity gives way to anger , rage and spontaneous and militant action. At the same time we who think deeply about these matters must never lose sight of the fact that the crisis is foisted upon the people by a decadent and parasitic ruling elite; that tiny , yet powerful ruling class, that benefits from the system of debt, phony money, obscurantism, and oppression. It is they who are responsible for the constant outrages against the people and against humanity. At the point the people are awakened to the true nature of their situation and see, if even naively and through a veil dimly, a new political, psychological and ideological moments begins to emerge. The people almost spontaneously rea;ize something of their power and if they are to be saved it will take their efforts and that they , not anyone else will determine their fate. We are quickly approaching that moment. In large parts of Africa and Europe, the Middle East and South America and the Caribbean the tipping point has already been reached, the class and social struggles are at a new and intensifying stage. We are not far from that moment here. However, what role must we who think deeply about these matters play. Are we to remain on the sidelines decrying the “ignorance” of the people? Are we to mock the masses and tell them “see we told you so”? Or are we to join the great resistance? Is this not the moment to do that which we claimed we sought all of our lives, that is be part of something much larger than ourselves, to be part of a great mass movement? We the advanced guard must act courageously and with truth and humility. In this fraud democracy that we live in and in the midst of the propaganda and obscurantism that defines this current election cycle, we must constantly remind the people that their most potent weapon is not the vote (a vote that changes nothing but merely legitimizes and endorses their oppression), but the truth. We must insist that for the people the future is theirs if they but dare to stand up and to struggle.Fear and doubt must be replaced with collective courage and decisiveness. To the apologists for this obscene and decadent system, especially for those who claim to be “pragmatic” representatives of the people (even referring to themselves as “pragmatic radicals” and “pragmatics nationalists”), and especially the Negro apologists for Obama and his wing of the ruling class, we can only express our utter contempt for you and welcome the opportunity to engage you on the battlefield of struggle and of ideas. Like the ruling elites that you serve and who many years ago bribed you and continue to pay you off, you will soon find yourselves on the scrape heap of history. We who are fighters passionately and with resolve defend the Glen Fords, Cornel Wests, Margaret Kimberlys , Nellie Baileys,Chris Hedges, Noam Chomskys, Dr Jill Steins, Cynthia Mickinneys of our world and other fighters for the people. An attack upon them is an attack upon the people and their resistance, it is an attack upon the possibility of true freedom and real democracy, it is an attack upon the advanced guard itself, and we will treat it as such. Philosophy is the consciousness of the epoch. The philosophy for this time, for this epoch, is grounded in the struggle for freedom and the wellbeing of the people. The consciousness of the epoch is the recognition of the truth the global arrangements of economic and political power are about to come to end. Fear remains an enemy of this truth. In the end, let us act. Let us act with love, understanding that love is that level of consciousness that recognizes the oneness of humanity and hence the oneness of truth.

About Anthony Monteiro

I am a activist and scholar who is a professor in the Department of African American Studies at Temple University.
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